What a Week !

Hi and thanks for stopping by to see the latest on the Visit Banbury project.

It has been a little over 9 weeks since I made the decision to resign from my job and to try to become a social entrepreneur.

I can’t believe how quickly those 9 weeks have gone but the initial project I have set up, Visit Banbury has really taken off in that short space of time and this last week has since seen another couple of significant landmarks for us.

On Thursday, as we committed to do after the Banbury Positivity Summit, we hosted a public meeting in Banbury Town Hall so that we could explain to a wider audience what Visit Banbury is all about, what our plans for the future are and what we have done so far – and most importantly how people can get involved in the project work.

Well after a stressful few days pulling the presentation material together we had the meeting on Thursday evening and it was very well received. The messages appear to have come across clearly and despite a tech problem or two (it is becoming a habit now) we got great feedback and real buy in from many of the attendees.


Thanks to Kate and Steve for doing their parts of the presentation on VB’s Instagram strategy and the new range of VB merchandise.

Big thanks to the rest of the team and those who have since signed up to join us on future project activities.

We are growing quickly and hence need a couple of week to consolidate on the progress made thus far but whilst that goes on we also wanted to try to start raising some funds and improving the brand awareness.

Our first opportunity to do this was at the first LARF (Local And Really Friendly) networking meeting at The Mill on 13/3. Karen Williams who set the group up decided to do the fundraising part for Visit Banbury and the group raised £100 for the project, which we really appreciate.

During the last week or so Steve has been busy ensuring the initial quantities of china mugs, tea towels and the stylus / pen combo were produced and delivered to us in time to be at Banbury Market yesterday to sell the items to the general public for the first time, which they were.


Sketts kindly supported us by giving us their community group stall for the day and so Steve, Marta and I did our best Ian Beale impressions as market traders for the day. It was important for the Visit Banbury project to start selling the merchandise on a stall at Banbury Market as we are big supporters of shopping local and using the market to ensure it survives and thrives.


We were knocked out by the response – lots of people came to talk to us about the project, took an interest in the products and fortunately put their hands into their pockets to buy items, with us selling a little over £330 worth of merchandise.

On top of this we also have had interest from Banbury ex-pats overseas so we think we may have a bigger market than we first thought.

So, all in all a great week and one which sees us well on the road to achieving our initial goals of running some real projects in and around Banbury – so watch this space closely….




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