My new life…

Hi – probably if you are reading this you have received a message from me saying goodbye to all of my colleagues and business associates on my last day in the office, working for Xerox. 

As I said, my future is not yet fully defined but all I know is that the Visit Banbury project is going to feature heavily in it for the foreseeable future, whatever I end up doing longer term.

If you are interested in knowing more, take a look at the posts within this blog and keep an eye of in the coming months to see a big step in our project, the Visit Banbury Hub. 

 This will showcase all that is positive and exciting about Banbury and it will also explain what we are doing to make Banbury residents feel a sense of community, pride and happiness about living in the town. 

 To understand more about how I arrived at this decision take a look at these two videos which have helped inspire me: 

The Big Lunch Extras Project 

Simon Sinek “Start with Why” 

 What I would LOVE you to help me with is some funding – we are going to working hard exploring every avenue to generate revenue and obtain funding support, but in start up mode of a social enterprise it isn’t easy and so we are going to be doing a Crowd Funding activity in the near future.

If you feel I have ever contributed to your success in any way over my almost 20 years in Xerox, please help me by supporting this venture with whatever you can.

If you want to contact me about this directly before we launch the Crowd Funding activity please email me on or contact @VisitBanbury on Twitter. 

 Many thanks & big love to you and yours! 


Tim Tarby-Donald 

Founder – Visit Banbury




4 thoughts on “My new life…”

  1. Tim , I’m really impressed of what you are doing. Give a sense to his life is a key
    Congratulation and great success to your enterprise. Life and relation are key.
    Encore bravo.


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