Monday musings 

Hi all, so here is to the start of my first week as a full time social entrepreneur. 


We had a great Visit Banbury core team meeting last Thursday night and discussed lots of exciting projects – more than we have resources for, so if you would like to be involved, please contact us ASAP.

Banbury-based projects being worked on relate to cuisine, heritage, photography, leisure, #RandomActsOfKindness, tourism, events, fundraising & positivity. All building on our core values.

We are also calling on all Banbury chefs – pubs, restaurants, hotels, Banbury & Bicester College etc etc. If you have a chef who is up for a savoury challenge, message us as this is a great opportunity and one not to be missed.

Here is a sweet image from Visit Banbury’s recent Banbury Positivity Summit ! Cake made by Catriona from



Sorry if you have contacted me or the Visit Banbury team in recent weeks with ideas and requests for meetings as the last few weeks have been complicated by real life ! 

However, from this week I will be getting back in touch with everyone following up on those requests and ideas. Thanks for the support of & interest in #VisitBanbury 

Big love to you all !

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