Vive la différence!

One of the great things I have discovered running Visit Banbury is that local people really want to find a community to connect with – but often don’t know how.

One of Visit Banbury’s objectives is to connect people of common interests and to mobilise them to do things around Banbury.

A few short months ago Visit Banbury set up a Facebook group for local French speakers and French natives living in and around the Banbury area.

In a few weeks we got more than 60 members who wanted to connect, socialise and be a community.

After a couple of meet ups at The Coach & Horses for drinks and food where 8-10 people turned up, yesterday afternoon a much larger group (around 45 counting children) came together at the Depuis Centre to enjoy the traditional French Epiphany treat “la Galette des Rois”.

It was wonderful to see how a simple Facebook group can turn into a community coming together and whilst enjoying coffee, cake and cider people talked about how they could get involved in Banbury’s community, how to find out more about what is going on and what are the best places to visit in and around town.

We also did a French book swap and the ones which were left got added to the Banbury Phonebox Library.

Whilst this group is focused on French speakers it is not exclusive as people are looking to offer French tuition to beginners and to start helping groups such as Banbury Community Action Group.

Lots of other common interest groups exist around town who maybe don’t quite connect as they would like – Visit Banbury can help facilitate this and whilst we all enjoy the online connections we make via Facebook these groups become really powerful when they meet up in person.

Interested in getting involved ? Have a common interest group you would like to develop? Email to discuss it further.



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