Banbury – A Kind and Fair Town

For some time we have been using the hashtag #kindtown to describe Banbury, as day in day out local people are constantly putting themselves out to help others.

A couple of examples of this are the relatively new groups that have been set up to help Flood Victims in the North of England:

“Banbury Flood Friends”

and to help provide support migrants who are stuck in “camps” in Northern France as a result of them fleeing the terrible conditions in their home countries:

CalAid OX15

CalAid OX15

Both are looking for various items to help people who have lost everything and you can make a difference by donating whatever you can to them. Please check out their facebook pages and donate if you possibly can.

However, there is a group in Banbury that has been focusing on fairness and equity for 10 years and that is Banbury’s Fairtrade Action who try to support overseas producers to ensure they receive a fair return on their production.

At the back end of 2015 I met up with the group a couple of times to help them with a discussion on social media and promotion of their group in 2016.

One action that came out was to put a request out for any volunteers who might be interested in helping them run their Facebook and Twitter feeds (

The next 12 months is going to be a busy and interesting time as 2016 sees the 10th anniversary of Banbury as a Fairtrade Town and there will hence be a number of events, activities and competitions which will need to be promoted.

If you are interested, please contact them via the the group’s fb page.

So I guess we need a second hashtag #Fairtradetown to describe Banbury, especially in 2016.

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