The time is right

As part of the preparation for the Visit Banbury kick off meeting, I decided to try to map all of the main influencers on Visit Banbury as a project and I came up with a first draft.

I subsequently realised I had omitted the growing creative and arts quarter in Banbury Old Town, the numerous free family events run by Banbury Town Council and the interesting new developments at St Mary’s Church as it is reinvented as an additional location for arts and culture as well as spiritual wellbeing, so these will be added to the final version for the 1st March.

However, in the meantime I thought I’d share this version just as an example of the range and scope of the really exciting things happening in and around Banbury.

VB The Time Is Right



Another Positive Perspective 

One of the great things about being involved in promoting Banbury is that you get to know lots of other people who share our perspective.

They also have the view that Banbury has lots to offer and a latent potential ready to be realised, if only people were to accentuate the positives rather than to dwell on the areas to improve (which town doesn’t have those).
One of those people is US expat Deborah Menikoff Simmons who blogs about all sorts of wonderful things Banbury-based. 
Here is Deb’s great blog page – give it a good read because it is a good read!

Blogging about Banbury 
Blog & biog photo credits: Deborah Menikoff Simmons / Neil Simmons

Fine Lady Day in Banbury

“Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross,

To see a fine lady upon a white horse,

Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,

She shall have music wherever she goes”.

(Pen & Ink Sketch by Barry Whitehouse of The Artery, Parsons Street, Banbury)

The above nursery rhyme is something which seems to be imprinted in all of our childhood brains – we don’t know why or how but we just know it.

Since working on the Visit Banbury project we have been told that people in America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and many other places around the globe are taught this nursery rhyme as children and it’s fundamentally something which links our lovely town to the whole world.

 (Japanese image courtesy of Becky Frost)

Late last night, another iconic lady from Banbury, Rosy Burke, posted on Facebook that today is the 10th anniversary of the wonderful fine lady statue which is right by Banbury Cross and an iconic symbol of our town today.

So here at Visit Banbury we thought that we should celebrate this 10th anniversary.

We are making today #FineLadyDayBanbury in Banbury.

We would like everyone to post their photos of the fine lady statue on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the above hashtag to showcase our wonderful statue and to celebrate those who worked so hard to get the fundraising done. We will then share them on our social media channels.

 (thanks to Kate from the Visit Banbury team for the above photo)

Their efforts ensured that it could be there for all of us in the future as a symbol of our heritage and Worldwide impact.

So let’s have a fine celebration for our Fine Lady !

The Visit Banbury Team
(we know there is some debate about the origins and exact words but let’s not get into that today !)

Visit Banbury on Instagram

**Update – April 2016**

After a wonderful year of posting pictures every day Kate had to step down due to other commitments and so the feed has been languishing a little waiting for another kind person to take it on and happily we can announce that since yesterday new photos of Banbury will now be posted on a regular basis so keep an eye out!


As the Visit Banbury project gains momentum we are widening the social media focus to include other platforms rather than just being Twitter focused.

We know different audiences use different platforms and we can convey our messages about Banbury in different ways via these other social media tools.
Instagram is a case in point ….
Kate, one of our team members and a very keen amateur photographer who has a real eye for the unusual, quirky and intriguing photos, has taken on the Visit Banbury feed and is posting photos daily which reflect the diversity of architecture, heritage, culture, environment and community which exists within Banbury.
We also intend to use Instagram as a means of publishing output from some of the photographic-based project work Visit Banbury will do, whether tourism related or to bring together the huge number of photographers in Banbury who are keen to explore and rediscover their home town through their lenses.

See more:

Happy Valentine’s Day Banbury

A gift from Visit Banbury to show Banbury how much we love you !


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The lovely music is
Not Walkin’ Away by Emily Hearn: