Another Positive Perspective 

One of the great things about being involved in promoting Banbury is that you get to know lots of other people who share our perspective.

They also have the view that Banbury has lots to offer and a latent potential ready to be realised, if only people were to accentuate the positives rather than to dwell on the areas to improve (which town doesn’t have those).
One of those people is US expat Deborah Menikoff Simmons who blogs about all sorts of wonderful things Banbury-based. 
Here is Deb’s great blog page – give it a good read because it is a good read!

Blogging about Banbury 
Blog & biog photo credits: Deborah Menikoff Simmons / Neil Simmons


Rough Guide to the Cotswolds Book Launch

Visit Banbury hosts Matthew Teller, local writer of the guide. Ticket sales close 10pm on Friday 12th. 


This is a book launch, a “meet and listen to the writer” opportunity, a chance to see a gem of a hidden location in Banbury, have tea and pastry, browse a wonderful bookshop, listen to some music and to network with some like-minded folks – all for £13 which includes a book whose RRP is £12.99 !! (Amazon £10.99) so all that extra for £2! 

The Mayor is coming so meet him too!
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Happy Valentine’s Day Banbury

A gift from Visit Banbury to show Banbury how much we love you !


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The lovely music is
Not Walkin’ Away by Emily Hearn: