Brilliant day filming in Banbury yesterday for the VisitBanbury “Be Positive About Banbury” film.

Thanks to ATS Films (Ben & Kirsty) and Kate from the project team for all of the hard work & support.

I would also like to thank all of the people we met in Banbury for their friendly, positive welcome and their support in our venture.

We all felt a real sense of community and optimism whilst walking around talking to people, which encourages us to really push on with the project.

The only downside was that we only had the film crew for four hours so just could not get round to see everyone we hoped to, but we will try to catch up with everyone to include you.

Just a couple of photos to share…








VisitBanbury – Be Positive About Banbury – the film !

Hi all!

I have recently tweeted you or spoken to you about being ready to be in a film we are making in Banbury tomorrow, Friday 16th Jan., so here are the details….

As part of the VisitBanbury Project, we want to promote the town and everything positive about it and so we are making a short video to be shown initially at an event we are organising on Friday 13th Feb.

It will then be posted to social media platforms across the internet hopefully to get everyone to share it in their networks, as well as being shared with the media, so as many people as possible (both locals and tourists) can see what makes us all happy to call Banbury home.

We have a great upbeat piece of music as the backing track and we are going to be cutting still photos (B&W and colour) in with video footage we take to make a film which goes perfectly with the VisitBanbury logo and branding.


Plus we will be including videos and photos we receive as part of a competition being run over the next week. More details will follow but the winners will get £50 to spend at Little Amsterdam Banbury’s very own Dutch Pancake House, Deli and Café.

We are really lucky to have a professional film maker Ben Atkinson of ATS Films making the film for us. Ben lived locally until moving to Stratford so he is also positive about the town and the project.

Between 10 and 2 tomorrow we are going to be coming to see your businesses and we want you to get your teams outside for a few minutes to capture you and your business to include in the film. If possible we’ll also capture you in front of a Banbury landmark.

Great FREE publicity for you, your business and Banbury, so please get involved.

We are going to be starting at Pinto Lounge around 10am and so tweet @visitbanbury to confirm you are ready for us to come and film you.

Have fun, big smiles and Be Positive About Banbury !

Tim, Kate and Ben from the VisitBanbury Project.

A few Ts & Cs:

By agreeing to participate in this filming you accept that the VisitBanbury Project becomes the legal owner of all footage.

We reserve the right to use and disseminate the images and film recorded both online and offline, in digital or physical formats and to share across social media networks and the internet more generally, as well as with all types of news media and in participating you agree for the VisitBanbury project to do this.

We reserve the right to NOT use any footage for whatever reason we find appropriate but in particular as it relates to good taste and decency and our project and brand values and ethos.



Musical Inspiration – It must be fate

Last Tuesday on my first day back to work after a period of absence due to ill health I handed in my resignation after nearly twenty years working at Xerox and eight and half years in a role that has meant I commuted 120 miles a day down to Uxbridge from Banbury and back again.

It was a massive step for me, not least as I have no job to go to yet, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I have loved working for Xerox and had a brilliant career there but my focus has changed and I knew I needed to move on and completely change my life, including really throwing myself into the VisitBanbury project.

But, sometimes it is nice to know that something is out there nudging me along, providing me with the reassurance that everything will be good and as I got ready to send my resignation email and to go into the office and on the drive down to Uxbridge, I listened to BBC Radio2.

I probably heard four hours of music on that day but the only songs I really heard – and which made me stop and actively take notice of them – were the following:

Paul Young – Everything Must Change

Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Katy Perry – Firework

Robbie Williams – No Regrets

Now, I certainly hadn’t told the producers of these shows that I was resigning that day but something had conspired to put those songs together for me to hear them during the hours that I was listening – maybe it was fate trying to tell me something !

Music will be a big part of the VisitBanbury project and it might just be the start of something big – you heard it here first.


Project VisitBanbury

Hi my name is Tim and I live in Banbury, North Oxfordshire.

Welcome to the new blog for VisitBanbury, fresh for 2015 !

Hopefully in future posts I will be able to explain what the idea of the VisitBanbury project is all about and what activities are taking place related to the project.

It will also be a way in which I can use more than the 140 characters I have primarily used on Twitter to establish #VisitBanbury to connect people in and around the area and to promote local businesses, activities and events.

If you need to contact me try @visitbanbury on Twitter, leave a comment on this blog or email !

Happy New Year and enjoy the ride !